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OMR Scanner Support

Whether you call it "using the bubble sheet", "OMR Scanning", or just "scoring the test", The Examiner works with a wide variety of scanners.  Since it's first release in 1985 The Examiner has supported multiple scanner platforms. What's unique is that you don't have to buy any pricey add-ons when you want to run your scanner. It's all in the package!  Click here to read about The Examiner on-going commitment to OMR support.

Supported Systems:

Sekonic is the latest addition to The Examiner's list of supported scanners.  Sekonic scanners provide a professional level scanner at an affordable price. Contact The Examiner for the name of our preffered distributors.
Known for exceptional durability and affordability, the Chatsworth line is fully implemented.  For a low-cost assessment solution using Chatsworth scanners, check out Examiner Express!
The Examiner has supported Scantron Scanners since 1985.  Scantron is famous for producing a range of OMR hardware that can support everyone from a small professional society to a corporation processing tens of thousands of tests.  With their acquisition of NCS, Scantron is now better able than ever to meet high-volume scanning needs.
  Since the early 1990's, The Examiner has supported NCS, later NCS-Pearson, scanners.  Even after Scranton's acquisition of NCS, The Examiner is committed to supporting legacy NCS scanners as far as is practical.




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