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Examination Records System

The Examiner System takes the drudgery and guesswork out of scoring and analyzing test and assessment results. With The Examiner System, tests are scored automatically using computerized judging procedures to accurately evaluate responses. In the process, you gain a rich set of statistics for analyzing test performance and evaluating the long-range impact of training.

Remove the Drudgery of Analysis!

  • Automatically calculate test scores and report results- The Examiner System automatically scores computer-based exams immediately after completion and reports a simple test score, a detailed performance analysis, or if you choose, no results at all. Paper-and-pencil exams created using The Examiner System can be hand scored or scanned into the software for the same computerized scoring and reports.
  • Perform time-consuming statistical analysis in minutes-With The Examiner System, you can create exam analysis reports including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and standard error. Measures of reliability such as KR21, even time-consuming score distributions including Z scores, T scores, and rank are accurately calculated in minutes.
  • Build a database of examination records for flexible reporting- With every test you give, The Examiner System can build a database of individual and consolidated test results, including the individuals tested and the specific exams given. Because the examination record database is based on Microsoft Access, you can search and sort records and fields to easily create a wide variety of reports. Create special purpose and ad hoc reports to evaluate individual and group performance, compare groups, analyze exams, or study the impact of your training program--in a lot less time.
  • Analyze and improve test quality- Item analysis is easier when difficulty and discrimination are calculated and values at the extreme ends of the range are automatically highlighted. Complete item statistics are stored for use in item analysis and validity studies. Review the number of times an item was seen, passed, or failed, and review this same information for each response alternative. "Problem" items, such as questions that appear too easy or too difficult, are flagged so you can address them and improve the quality of your examinations.

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