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The Proctor System is an add-on enhancement to the main Examiner software suite for managing examination delivery over networks. It is ideally suited for use in a learning center or classroom environment where a proctor’s station controls a network of delivery stations. The Proctor System is the core product used by The Examiner Corporation for hosting Internet test delivery.

Typical Configuration

The proctor system consists of two main parts:

  • Proctor Editor – This is the control element of the software and is used to assign examinations to examinees. One Proctor Editor usually controls many Proctor Delivery stations.
  • Proctor Delivery – This is the delivery element of the software and is used to present examinations to the examinee.

Using the Software

  • Select the examinee – examinees can be directly entered or selected from a list.
  • Assign the examinee to an Examiner System exam.
  • If desired, enter time restrictions for exam availability.
  • Click on “Activate”

If desired, multiple examinations can be assigned to a single examinee. Examination assignments can be imported with an easily formatted text file, allowing integration of the Proctor System with other examinee management systems.

When the examinee logs in, the Proctor System will make sure that there is an exam available for the examinee, checking both the examinee’s password and delivery restrictions. The software will then create the exam assigned by the proctor and show it to the examinee. At the end of the exam, results can be automatically stored in an Examiner history file. If multiple exams have been assigned to an examinee, the next exam in sequence can then be viewed. The Proctor Editor displays in real-time the status of all assigned, in-progress, and completed exams. With the Proctor System, “just in time” testing is a reality with each examinee viewing a uniquely generated exam.

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