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Writing a valid test that can assess accurately and fairly is not easy. The Examiner System simplifies the complexity of test development by automating the process and providing easy-to-use tools that ensure a high quality exam.

  • Develop test questions with confidence- The Examiner System’s item development tools provide a structured approach that assists you throughout the process of writing test questions. Create a wide variety of test questions that fairly assess training objectives. Assign variable weights, add alternative-weighted judging, or incorporate other response judging procedures. Even with limited experience in test development, you can create meaningful test questions that accurately measure the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of trainees.
  • Build item banks that match the unique structure of your curriculum- With The Examiner, you have the capability to create a visual map of the item banks you build. Organize test items by training objectives, within modules or chapters, however you choose, to match the structure of your training curriculum. Easily add, update, access, and reuse items in other tests, whenever needed.
  • Automatically generate tests based on your training objectives-Using test questions from your item banks, The Examiner System lets you automatically produce any number of tests from a single test profile. With a simple point and click, you can randomly select items from your item bank based on exam length and area of content, or hand-pick the individual questions you want to use.
  • Design attractive computer-based or paper tests- The Examiner System’s built-in formatting tools let you design your tests to look just the way you want. Choose font size and style and position text and visuals to create an attractive, easy-to-use test. Easily incorporate graphics and multimedia within test questions, even link feedback messages to responses to enhance learning.

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