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Examination Printing Utility

The Examiner Examination Printing Utility provides an easy-to-use program for the printing of Examiner tests. All formatting controls are stored locally in templates. If you need more than one test printing design, simply store another template. Want to find out the "why" of paper-and-pencil testing? Click here to read about The Examiner's long-term commitment to "traditional" paper-based testing.

Just What Does the Printing Utility Offer?

  • Absolute control over the printed test. - You can control the margins and formatting with ease! Do you sometime print landscape, and other times portrait? Not a problem! With the Printing Utility make a template for each format..
  • Embed graphics and logos on your test. - Do you want a distinctive "Look and Feel" to your printed test? You can print your corporate logo on each page!
  • Direct interface to The Examiner Record System. - As soon as your test is printed the answer key for your test can be automatically added to your master exam key in the Records System.
  • Direct output to PDF, RTF and Microsoft Word files. - No need for a secondary PDF's built in! Users have wanted to send an Examiner test to a word-processing file for custom formatting. The wait is over! You can now "print" your test to an industry-standard RTF file and edit it in Microsoft Word! All fonts, formatting, and graphics are embedded in the files.

Distribute Your Item Banks for Remote Testing

Have you ever wanted to send your item bank out to your users but didn't want them to have access to the "full" Examiner system? You can license the Printing Utility from The Examiner for distribution. Looking to publish a text book with "printable" tests? The Printing Utility is the answer. Contact The Examiner for bulk licensing and OEM distribution information.

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Test Printing Documentation PDF File - Requires Adobe Acrobat.