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Technical Specifications

The following specifications are summative for the entire Examiner product line. Individual Examiner elements such as the record system have additional requirements. Virtually any computer running Windows XP SP3 or greater will be able to run The Examiner without any problems. The system is fully compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows 7.  No additional software such as Word or Access is needed by the system.  Both the text editing and database management elements are fully integrated into the code.  The system co-exists with all releases of the Microsoft Office system.

A better idea of the requirements of each of The Examiner's software elements can be gained by downloading and reading the user's manuals.  They can be found here on the download page.

Hardware Requirements At least 512MB system memory
At least 50MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM, USB port, or network connection needed for installation
USB port will be required for scanner
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP-Pro SP2 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Data Capacity Single assessments up to 500 items
Unlimited number of answer keys
Unlimited number of scored assessments
Unlimited number of examinees
Item Types Supported Single and multiple-correct multiple-choice
Short-Answer Alpha
Delivery Modes Paper-and-Pencil with direct output to printer, Word, RTF, or PDF format files
Computer-delivery via The Examiner Proctor System
Scoring Paper: Scanned via OMR, source file, or manually
Computer: Automatically performed at the conclusion of the assessment with auto-storage of results
Reporting Capabilities Complete analysis statistics including all standard assessment metrics
Direct print or Adobe Acrobat© compatible PDF files

Software specifications subject to change without notice.