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Fully Functional Downloads

If you want to try out software, you shouldn't have to put up with hobbled copies that don't do what the real software does. The links in the left-hand column will start the download process for The Examiner's main component, the item editor, and the add-on management tools. These installation files should be copied to a folder on your local hard drive. While the downloads aren't protected with a password, you will be asked for a serial number during the installation. Click here to request a serial number.


Test Authoring and Examination Records This is the first file you should download. You'll see how the item editor, test designer, and examination records systems operate. Click here to download.
Proctor System Once you have developed an item bank, you can use the proctor system to deliver one or more examinations to a classroom. Click here to download.


One of the best ways to find out what a piece of software can do is to read it's user's guide.  No passwords or serial numbers are required for these downloads.  However, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the files.


Bank Manager User's Guide

Examination Records System User's Guide

Exam Print Utility User's Guide

Proctor system User's Guide