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Printed Exams - Economical and Powerful

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You're presenting training at a conference to 500 people and you want to quickly find out how the training went. One problem: not enough computer stations for an on-line questionnaire!
  • You've got a classroom full of students that need individualized tests....but your school's testing center is down!
  • You're certifying construction workers at their job site. You wouldn't dream of bringing a computer there!

Sometimes it's just not practical to give a computer-based assessment. Sometimes you just want the security of having a paper-based backup test in case your network has problems. For all those "sometimes", The Examiner's paper-and-pencil testing component is the cost-effective solution.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4!

Create... Create your item bank using The Examiner's powerful item banking development tools.  With The Examiner you've always been able to use the same bank for both on-line and paper-and-pencil delivery. Develop once for all your delivery platforms.

Deploy... Print your test using The Examiner's integrated Exam Printer. There's no need for Microsoft Word ... you can print your test directly from The Examiner. The Exam Printer's powerful features let you print a single test, fifty copies of that one test, or a hundred uniquely generated tests. And... as soon as you've printed those tests the Examiner's scoring and record-keeping system has all the answer keys available for instant use.

Score... The Examiner gives you the tools you need to quickly score your tests. OMR "bubble sheets" are the quickest way to score a test. The Examiner provides integrated support for many makes of scanners. The Examiner enables you to review your examinee's test sheets before they're committed to your records system. Do you use a scanner that isn't directly supported by The Examiner? The Examiner accepts and scores output files from the popular Remark scanning package. Don't want to use a scanner at all? There's no need to hand-calculate results! The Examiner provides an easy-to-use manual scoring system. No matter how you want to score, The Examiner gives you options!

Analyze... Once you've scored your test you have the full power of The Examiner's record keeping and history system. The Examiner's record keeping system has been relied on for over two decades as a powerful tool for analyzing the effectiveness of examinations. The analysis system works with both The Examiner's computer-delivered and paper-and-pencil delivered tools. Data from the record system can instantly be used in both Microsoft Access and Excel for enhanced and customized analysis.

While The Examiner's full record-keeping system maintains support for a wide range of scanners, there's now a super-affordable OMR solution.  Examiner Express the most affordable scanning, scoring, and record-keeping system you've probably ever seen!  Click here for more information.